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What is 'Paste And View' solution?
One of Advinion's main goals is to ease the integration phase by making it simple and fast. Our web-tools implementation requires only pasting two HTML code lines inside your site. Your end-user's browser will convert these lines into live charts.
How easy is to implement your web-tools on my web-site / portal / financial system?
Using our web-tools is as simple as pasting 2 HTML lines using our 'Paste And View' solution.
How to start using your web-tools?
To start using our web-tools you need 3 simple steps:
1. Register our products by contacting our office via email and receive back a registration email.
2. Select existing data-feed or provide an access to your data-feed.
3. Paste 2 HTML lines, you received inside your registration-email into your site.
Can I use my own data-feed?
Advinion will provide a data-spider, which will handle realtime data for the tools and persist historical data per your needs.
Our system connects to any data-feed via a dedicated component called "Spider" to retrieve real time-data.
It will then provide data caching, real-time proxy and history aggregation for all your selected web-tools.

There are two types of connections:
1. Option 1 – Dynamic pages (e.g. ASP or PHP) or WebServices which supply the data. We will configure a spider for you.
2. Option 2 – Connection via API (compiled components, e.g. DLL files). This option requires additional development and priced by development-hours.
What are your license options?
There are two license options:
1. The first one is for service received from our Servers Farm.
This license-option price is based on concurrent users connected to our servers.
The concurrent-users term means “users connected at the same time” and not the overall number of users.

2. The second one is for service received from customer's server.
This license-option has a fix price and it is not limited to concurrent users.

Both options are based on a monthly fee.
Do you provide customization service for your tools?
We provide additional functionality and changes to existing functionality according to your requirements.
We also support changes to the UI's look and feel in order to make it an integral part of your system.

Please provide us with a requirements document and we’ll provide you with a time estimation and price.